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Animal Control Services

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We perform a very humane way of animal control (i.e. removing critters from your property), such as safely trapping and releasing (far, far away) Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, etc. Below are many of the animals we remove and ones we do not. If you have a critter issue that’s not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

Raccoon Removal

We specialize in raccoon removal in Denver, Boulder and the greater Northern Colorado areas. In fact, we are experts when it comes to these issues. Most of our raccoon related calls are for raccoons in the attic, raccoon mothers and babies, raccoons living under the home, raccoons ripping vents off the home, raccoons tearing up the garden and sod, and raccoon deposits on the roof. Most of these problems are solved by trapping and removing them, of course in a very humane manner.

Squirrel Removal

The Squirrel is obviously very common in Northern Colorado and are active year-round, primarily living in burrows. They feed on several varieties of foods, including nuts, seeds, fungi, fruits, and of course the seed in your bird feeder. While they’re great to look at, they can cause serious havoc in your home. Fortunately, we have considerable experience dealing with squirrel removal, in addition to their offspring, so we can certainly remove them for you, safely.

Skunk Removal

As luck would have it, we have considerable experience with skunk removal, too! We have seen cases throughout northern Colorado where skunks rip off a vent accessing the under floor of a home, then live beneath the house with their babies. We also find skunks tearing down insulation that is tacked up underneath the home and subsequently use it for their nesting material. The nerve of them!!!

Pigeon Removal

We offer pigeon removal services for residential and commercial customers throughout northern Colorado, Denver and Boulder. At The Critter Man, our animal control experts can help remove any pigeon nuisance your establishment may be experiencing. We will conduct a thorough examination of your property, including where the birds are nesting, then create a solid strategy to remove them, safely.

Bat Removal

If you have bats destroying your home or business, contact The Critter Man to schedule a free estimate. We can safely remove the bats, then humanely relocate them to a preferred area, like your former boss’s house.

Snake Removal

You betcha we offer snake removal too! Periodically we receive calls due to people being deathly afraid of snakes. Our snake inspections consist of looking for snake dens, what’s attracting snakes to your property, and snake prevention. Rattlesnakes can strike quicker than the human eye can blink, and can reach up to half their body length. Let the professionals safely capture and remove all unwanted serpents.

We Also Remove

Our animal control services also include: Beavers, rabbits, swallows, woodpeckers, rats and mice (Additionally, we seal them out of the house).

We Do Not Remove

Sorry, but we don’t remove roaches, spiders, crickets, prairie dogs namely because we don’t utilize poisons and pesticides.