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About Us

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The Critter Man is owned and operated by Mark Stevens, a veteran of the wildlife removal game. His executive assistant helps with the daily operations, in addition to scheduling appointments with homeowners and businesses dealing with nuisance wildlife removal and prevention.

The Critter Man is always humane. We come to your location and complete an inspection, then provide you with a complimentary quote. Whether it’s rabid raccoons in your attic, skunks destroying your garden, or slithering snakes under your house, we handle it all (well most)! We service several cities and towns from Denver to Fort Collins, including Englewood, Littleton, Boulder, Longmont, Greeley, Loveland, Wellington, etc.

The Process

In most cases, we identify where the critters are entering the home, business or other structure. We usually set up 3-5 humane traps to catch the animals, and after they are captured, we leave the empty traps for another few days. That way you can be positive that we’ve trapped all the animals, rodents, or any other wildlife that was causing the issue. We do not leave the traps for an indefinite amount of time, as this could conceivably trap friendly (neighborhood) animals otherwise not causing issues (i.e. the good guys).

Contact us for a free estimate. We absolutely believe in solid customer service, it’s the core of our business! We service property owners, real estate and property management companies, golf courses, home builders, etc.

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